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High Customizable Dashboard

There are many variations of real-time data chart you can choose based on your specific use-cases. We also have a beautiful dashboard themes, you can personalize it whenever you want.

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Simple Service Integration (SSI)

Deploy your IoT devices with the available IoT protocols: HTTP(s), CoAP and MQTT. We provide full library API support on every device/nodes. Create your own IoT rule and triggers for notification.

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Data Migration and Analytics

You are allowed to choose the secure data migration destination for your devices (Amazon S3, GoogleDrive, etc) and simply analyze it as simple as snapping your finger!

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Grow your own IoT Smart-USECASES

We are happy to support individual IoT Makers or Business who want to grow IoT Smart-USECASES:

  • IoT Smart-home
  • IoT Smart-health
  • IoT Smart-office
  • IoT Smart-energy
  • IoT Smart-environment
  • IoT Smart-fleet
  • IoT Smart-bike
  • or even IoT Smart-city towards 5G-enabled IoT!

Smart-everything in your hand!

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"Smart-everything in your hand!"

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Simple but means a lot

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    Enlarging the IoT ecosystem and communities in Indonesia.

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    IoT Solution of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  • 03

    Solving more problems related to climate change and energy efficiency for a better Earth!

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Standard Paper Airplane Package
(pay as you go)
Start from Rp0 /month
  • Free 1 device per account (+ Rp20,000 per additional devices per month)
  • Free 5 Email/SMS notification per day (+ Rp20,000 per 100 messages)
  • Free 2 times data migration or analytics per month (+ Rp100,000 per 100 times migration or analytics)
  • Lifetime free support
  • Upgrate options
  • Full access
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Medium Rocket Package
Rp200,000 /month
  • Up to 20 devices per account
  • 1000 Email/SMS notification per day
  • 500 times data migration or analytics per month
  • Extra features
  • Lifetime free support
  • Upgrate options
  • Full access
Buy Plan
Premium Airplane Package
Rp1000,000 /month
  • Up to 2000 devices per account
  • 100000 Email/SMS notification per day
  • 50000 times data migration or analytics per month
  • Extra features
  • Lifetime free support
  • Custom/downgrade options
  • Full access
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Don't hasitate to reach us by email in case you have any question. We have also added most common question which was asked by someone.

We are working on it. But first we will launch web-app version as our initial development. Hopefully it won't take any longer than 3 months :), We appreciate your patience.

No, your deployed device will still be available and running. Make sure you delete your devices from device list.

Majority in Indonesia, we have several e-banking or e-wallets. You can take a look at it on billing pages. But we also provides credit card using stripe. It was so easy to pay your plan here. In the near future we will also add cryptocurrency payment method.

We will open it for only specific tools like database migration and library for specific IoT devices.

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